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Mission & Values

Euro Wafel is a community space. We are a hospitality company; nourishing others is the vehicle

by which we foster this shared community.


We strive for perfection in everything we do, with the understanding that true perfection is unattainable. So we always move to do the next right thing.


Do the best You can with what You have. And always keep learning.


With a passion for things done well, we practice due diligence in sourcing seasonally, supporting independent farmers, purveyors, and creators of the local economy. We are a scratch kitchen teaching young cooks to work with fresh ingredients, respecting where food comes from by reducing waste,

and giving new life to oft-overlooked elements.


We are artists, creatives, musicians, leaders, storytellers, and teachers.

We are creating a company that brings up those around us, rather than putting them down.

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